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Preparing Tendering documentation for the awarding of specialist contractor and evaluation during tendering stage
Preparing Technical Specification
Principal System detailing
Preparing Administrative Specification
Tendering evaluation
Design control and reporting (on System drawings and engineering calculations)
Manufacturing control and reporting
Installation control and reporting
Evaluation of Method of Statements
Implementation of Planning and Project management systems, control and reporting
Implementation of design route for Freeform and/or Amorpheus Building Envelope members
Implementation of management methodology for Freeform and/or Amorpheus Building Envelope members from design stage to site installation
Thermal, acoustical, structural and other building physics evaluations for facade and roofing members
Determination of appropriate glass and cladding materials, built-ups and other building envelope materials and systems
Determining of laboratory and Site testings
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Projects Chronology          
Parties Which Been Worked With          
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